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You can search our dictionary of words that uses the official TWL and SOWPODS word lists which are approved by Hasbro and Scrabble©. Enter your words into our search and we will return definitions to those words.
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Our a2z scrabble dictionary results are based off of the official hasbro scrabble dictionary, so even though a word may exist, Your search may not be a valid word in scrabble. Please check with our scrabble dictionary online and if you are interested in knowing what the word dictionary lists contain you can see for yourself. Please visit TWL or SOWPODS to get more information.

When you are in need of some serious help with anything relating to the official scrabble dictionary then we recommend Free Scrabble Dictionary. They have tons of resource for you to help you with many spects of the game. There are many articles and great resources you can look through. There are many other resources out there to help you, including scrabble dictionaries, word finders and tons of word lists.

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